Performance Management

Lotus HR is a channel partner of Dinamiks Ltd, whose cloud-based tool, Dinamiks, measures and manages employee performance. Running throughout Dinamiks is a powerful, optional Employee Development Planning [EDP] capability.

EDP complements employee training, mentoring and coaching and helps to ensure all employee development is aligned to the objectives and goals of a client’s business.


What does our partnership with Dinamiks mean for Lotus HR and our clients?

Strategically, it fits our vision to optimise people assets and our commitment to give a laser focus on protecting the bottom line, client side.

For our clients, Dinamiks provides a robust and proven [in the UK and globally] system designed for SMEs and larger organisations. With our guidance, if required, clients can be up and running quickly with Dinamiks because it does not require software installation and is easy to set up and use.


Why manage performance?

The aim of business is to develop and build a strong productive workforce that delivers company goals. An ongoing performance management system is required to enhance the talent within your business.

This includes:

Setting goals and objectives - this gives employees a context to their work and the ability to see how their individual role feeds into the success of the business.

Feedback and coaching – gaps in knowledge or skill that are identified, can be plugged through consistent feedback and coaching.

Reviewing and evaluating – a chance to look back over the performance period and identify achievements against the objectives.

Start over again the process needs to be continual, systematic and consistent.


Access by simple login

Being on the cloud, Dinamiks is accessed the same way that secure websites are - by a simple log-in procedure from wherever there is an internet connection. 

All that you and your staff will require is an email address and internet access with one of the following supported web-browsers:

  • Internet Explorer® 7+
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google™ Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

We can advise on how best to use Dinamiks as an annual or more regular staff performance appraisal tool, and how to optimise it for maximising key human elements of productivity. Those elements include attitude, behaviour and competencies, and the common desire among staff to do their best and progress in their career and the business.



By showing where training is required, through highlighting skill or competency gaps, Dinamiks can lead the way in helping to resolve such issues. Using our deep experience and knowledge of training and HR, we can help clients make the best possible use of Dinamiks’ capabilities.       

The Dinamiks Employee Performance Appraisal solution will:

  • Encourage the cascading of business goals
  • Promote and support the setting of effective and measurable performance objectives
  • Help identify high performers and those requiring training
  • Help identify any skills shortage
  • Prompt staff and managers of approaching target dates through its automated email reminders
  • Ensure visibility on what staff are working on through its in-built set of analytical reports
  • Act as a centralised database for all employee appraisal-related information, thereby eliminating costly time previously spent on going through paper-based records
  • Help with the capturing of evidence of work progress throughout the year, to allow pro-active action to be taken to address potential problems before they occur
  • Show staff they have clear responsibilities and targets
  • Allow staff to track their own performance and development at anytime, anywhere.



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