10 reasons companies avoid hiring staff

23 Oct
Contrary to popular belief, recent research reveals that fear of dismissing staff unfairly is not in the top 10 reasons why companies delay or resist hiring staff.
The top ten fears are:
1. Being sued for accidents at work
Employers felt uncertain about the duties and obligations relating to Health and Safety for both parties. They just don’t know how to prepare and make a health and safety policy effective.
2. Drains on the company from paying for maternity and paternity leave
Employers are confused about who’s entitled to what and how to calculate entitlements.
3. Getting caught in the taxation minefield
Understanding employers duties under PAYE and end of year obligations, what is subject to tax and NI and what isn’t are all issues that small businesses worry about.
4. How much wages will really cost
Many employers are unsure of what is the National Minimum Wage (NMW), whether there are instances when an employer can justify paying below the NMW and how to avoid ending up in an argument with either staff or the authorities.
5. Shifts, working hours and allowed rest periods
Arranging shift times so as not to fall foul of employees’ rights to specified rest periods can seem complicated, especially where operating hours are outside standard business hours.
6. Being responsible for discrimination
Concerns about discrimination regulations abound for employers of all sizes, including knowing when age discrimination can be justified, protecting employees from sex discrimination and protecting the company from discrimination related claims.
7. Getting the terms of employment right
How to get the employment contract right so that, as the needs of the business change, employment terms still meet with current and future requirements. Realistically, employers should never tamper with employment terms without seeking advice.
8. Dealing with grievance and disciplinary matters.
With seven days being the average time involved in resolving a grievance or disciplinary issue, it’s no wonder employers worry about becoming embroiled in the unpleasantness that can arise when the employment relationship shows signs of turning sour.
9. Tackling underperformance
The vast majority of employers at some stage will have performance issues of one kind or another to manage. Many employers lack confidence in knowing how to tackle underperformance – nobody likes sitting in judgment.
10. Dealing with pension issues
Many employers are vaguely aware that auto-enrolment will create an additional financial outlay for the business, but most are delaying finding out and putting plans in place – or burying one’s head in the sand. It’s important to find out what you can do and what you must do as an employer right from the outset.
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