2014: Year of the Apprentice

02 Apr
3-7 March was this year’s National Apprenticeship Week. A wide variety of events were designed to celebrate Apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the economy as a whole.
Lotus HR attended the Voice of Apprenticeship Conference at City Hall. We were inspired by positive messages about the rise in apprenticeship programs and their success, not only in the large corporate organisations but in the SME market also.
What became clear was that schools are apparently not promoting of apprenticeships as a viable alternate route to university for young people. According to young apprentices taking part in a debate on the day, the reason for this is the focus on the race to get as many students in to university as possible. 
In answer to this, Matthew Hancock, Minister for Skills and Enterprise stated: 
“There is this drive and target for people to go to university and it's been around for a long time. Our government shouldn't have a target for one or the other, but instead we should have high quality options for both sides. I have a vision where it is the norm to have the choice whether to go to university or into an apprenticeship. We do need to get schools to open up but the best people to inform pupils about the opportunities are apprentices themselves, not me”
Young people are the future. Small businesses have a wealth of opportunity and knowledge to offer them. Many apprentices go on to have long term employment with their employer, creating up to 300% ROI in some industries! They learn fast, will have loyalty to you have the potential to be your ideal employee.
Apprenticeships have gone far and beyond the ‘trade roles only’ as of past; they can be in housing, business, accounting, IT and every profession you can think of.
With that said, have you thought about taking on an apprentice in your business? It needn’t be a hassle, Lotus HR we will do the ground work for you, recruit a suitable apprentice and help you manage that relationship. What you need to be able to offer is a safe working environment; time to mentor, nurture and train your apprentice - show them what it means to be a great employee; and a good wage – worthy of the role they are playing in your business.
If this is something you are interested in, please register your interest here http://www.lotushr.co.uk/contact/ or call us on 020 8150 9960 to discuss in more detail.