New Health and Work Service 2014

29 Aug
Earlier this year it was announced that the Government scheme which permitted employers to claim back Statutory Sick Pay, was being stopped. Many employers were shocked and questions arose such as “what will they do with the money saved?” and “how will I be able to sustain employees on sick leave without that help?”
Well! A new Government Service called ‘The Health and Work Service’ (HWS) is launching in the next few months. This service will work to provide occupational health assessment, support and advice to employers, employees and GP’s, the aim is to help sick individuals return to work as quickly as possible.
Sickness absence statistics reveal that between September 2010 and October 2013 almost 1 million employees were on sick leave for a month or more. This new service is part of a long-term economic plan to manage sickness absence and its costs.
The scheme will be delivered by Health Management Limited. The trigger, for input by the HWS is four weeks’ sickness absence. Employees on sick leave will be helped to return to work by having an occupational health assessment when they reach, or are expected to reach, more than 4 weeks’ sickness absence. Employees will generally be referred by their GPs and a return to work plan will be shared with their employer and GP.
The HWS is predicted to cut the costs of sick pay by £80 million. Another way for employers to manage the high costs of sickness absence to their business, is to ensure a robust sickness absence policy is in place, including return to work interviews for all staff no matter the absence length.
That’s where Lotus comes in. We have a proven track record of initiating good sickness management procedures which have a clear, positive effect on the bottom line. To speak to us about any HR related issue including sickness management strategies, call us 020 8150 9960 or email us at