What does Lotus HR Know about HR software? Well, quite a bit..

11 Jul

At Lotus HR we are always interested in learning about “what’s new” and “what’s changing”, but I guess that’s our job, right?

We know all about the importance of managing people, keeping employee information up-to- date, to know who is where, when and why.

Some of our team took a day trip to the CIPD HR software show in Olympia and it’s only fair that we share some exciting and useful facts with you all. We know just how valuable HR software can be for managing your employees.

There were over 50 different HR software suppliers, marketing diverse and versatile software programmes. For example:

A web based system which includes:

·         Interactive screens –  to view a branch or a whole company via one screen. Ability to monitor various attendance areas e.g. lateness, holiday, sickness, authorised absence, etc.

·         Daily activities – clock in clock out is a great device for employers to see who is arriving on time and what time employees are exiting the building.

·         Absence request/authorisation – employees are able to send holiday requests to their line manager via an app and the line manager can click ‘yes’ or ‘no’, comments can also be left.

Another software platform had a payroll module which is ideal for both small and large companies. The benefits of this module were:

·         Unlimited period to keep and view all payroll history

·         Software can be checked annually against HMRC Payroll standards

Another valuable platform was a software covering Performance Management. This consisted of:

·         Employees and managers being able to see their objectives, KPIs and deadlines in order to monitor and manage them, viewable whenever needed.

These are just a few of the many benefits HR software tools can bring to all companies to support great employees. And we know all about that. Don’t believe us? Well, have a look at our Performance Management page and let us know what you think.


If investing in an HR software is something you are considering for your business or you want more information about the various HR software available, then let us help you. That’s what we do best. www.Lotushr.co.uk, 020 8150 9960.